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Sep 04, 2015 · Tuesday- 1. Warm Up- Parts of a Flower (label) 2. Informational Text- Plants- Day 2 3. Check TCAP Review- Cells (whole class) 4. Independent Practice handout on Plant Reproduction & Cell Division Wednesday- 1. Brain Pop- Flower Reproduction 2. Reproduction Notes in spiral 3. Mitosis Task Cards (review) Thursday- 1. Microbiology Questions and Answers - Reproduction - Modes of Cell Division. Answer: d Explanation: Bacteria that produce extensive filamentous growth, such as Nocardia sp. reproduce by fragmentation of the filaments into small bacillary or coccoid cells, each of which gives rise to new...Meiosis uses many of the same mechanisms as mitosis, the type of cell division used by eukaryotes to divide one cell into two identical daughter cells. In some plants, fungi, and protists meiosis results in the formation of spores : haploid cells that can divide vegetatively without undergoing fertilization.