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Crank bolt - 130 ftlbs. Cam Shft pulley bolts - 27 ftlbs. Timing Belt cover - 7.2 ftlbs. Lower Alternator bolt - 33 ftlbs. Upper Alternator bolt - 17 ftlbs. Power Steering pump bolts - 17 ftlbs. Side engine mounts 38 ftlbs. AC idler pulley 33 ft lbs. Timing belt tensioner bolt 40 ftlbs. CKF sensor mounting bolts - 8 ftlbs bracket. Remove crankshaft pulley and front timing belt covers. To hold crankshaft, use Crankshaft Pulley Wrench (49997-7000). If rotation indicating marks on timing belt have rubbed off, remark timing belt before removing. 4) Turn crankshaft to align marks on crankshaft sprocket and camshaft sprockets with marks on cylinder block and timing ... From 99.15 USD. Torque Solution constructed this crank pulley from high quality CNC machined billet aluminum to provide lightweight without sacrificing strength. The black anodized finish seals the aluminum and preserves the appearance.Jan 12, 2017 · 17. Break loose the bolt holding the distributor drive gear and cam gear on. DO NOT REMOVE IT 18. Remove the bolt holding the pulley on the crank. Do NOT remove the pulley yet! 19. Set the engine to Top Dead Center. With the vehicle in neutral turn the crank by until the timing guide 0 (ZERO) is lined up with the notch in the pulley.